1. New Beginnings, New Film

          I’ve been very bad at maintain this blog but here’s an update: in the fall of 2017 I moved on from a fruitful and expansive 20-year relationship with 90th Parallel Productions in Toronto and started a new partnership with the super talented and wonderful Deborah Parks – we have a company called Red Trillium – […]


          Our new 90th Parallel doc for CBC The Nature of Things airs 8:00 PM, Sunday November 19th in Canada. Secrets From the Ice is about climate change and archeology — how melting ice is revealing never-before-seen human artifacts, some of them thousands of years old. Stunning photography, incredible scenes, terrific story.   CBC page is […]


          CURRENT PROJECTS 2016/17

          I’m currently finishing the edit on THE TEA EXPLORER, easily one of my favourite projects ever. Last year Mike Josselyn and I traveled to China and Nepal to film along the Ancient Tea Horse Road with Jeff Fuchs. THE TEA EXPLORER is produced by 90th Parallel Production in Toronto for The Documentary Channel. It will […]

          New Project News

          Haven’t been updating this site enough. Shame on me. More stories coming soon but for now an update on my latest projects with 90th Parallel Productions. The Brain’s Way of Healing: we’re adapting Dr. Norman Doidge’s bestselling book into a documentary for CBC’s The Nature of Things. Filming is almost complete and the rough cut […]

          Dr. William Gregg, October 15 1930 – June 18 2000

          This is a Lives Lived column I wrote for the Globe and Mail after my Dad died. He passed 15 years ago today.? WILLIAM ALLAN MacKAY GREGG ANDREW GREGG Andrew Gregg July 21, 2000 Farmer, veterinarian, historian, collector and builder, born Oct. 15, 1930, in Toronto. Died June 18, in Kenmore, N.Y., from a pulmonary […]


          IN the summer of 2014 Parks Canada archeologists finally found one of Sir John Franklin’s ships. The last time anyone outside of the Arctic saw Franklin or his 128 men alive was 170 years ago. The Erebus and the Terror, ?legendary bomb ships that the British Navy had refitted for severe Arctic service, were spotted […]

          ? Watch my New 90th Parallel film on CBC Doc Zone October 9th at 9:00 PM Anybody who’s ever watched ‘Cool Hand Luke’ has a pretty good idea about prisons in Texas. They’re tough, they’re hot and there are a lot of them — 109 in fact, filled with 150,000 inmates. Compare that to Canada, […]

          State of Incarceration

          I had never been in a prison before I started shooting our newest production, working title “State of Incarceration.” The film will be aired on CBC Doc Zone this fall — it’s a production of 90th Parallel in Toronto. Since January we’ve filmed inside Fenbrook Institution in Gravenhurst; the Cleveland Unit in SW Texas and […]

          The Last Nomads is available on Vimeo

          Our film The Last Nomads?is available for viewing on 90th Parallel’s Vimeo Channel: http://vimeo.com/user14543751/review/63743910/abc2dbbd5a Of all the documentaries we’ve made this one might be the best. It tells of Ian Mackenzie’s attempts to capture the disappearing Penan culture before logging clears them out of their forest home. It’s a race against time–and it’s very emotional.